1 Wildlife Watching Days Sierra de Carrascoy and Murcia Fields

The next May 18th Saturday and 19th Sunday will take place the 1st Wildlife Watching Days in Corvera, which we are proud organizers and sponsored together with our near farm Finca Torrecillas. They will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. approximately and will consist of various activities such as lectures, screenings, guided walks ... in addition to a [...]

Physiotherapy + Rural Tourism = Perfect combination

Have you ever thought that it was possible to enjoy a rural environment and in turn receive physiotherapy sessions? In Finca El Pocico it is possible. We have a physiotherapy service offered by a qualified professional to give relaxing massages with oils typical of the flora of the place (rosemary, aloe vera, almond oil and olive oil) and for multiple [...]

Your wedding at Finca El Pocico

The Finca El Pocico is not just a place to stay, spend the holidays, relax or enjoy the environment, besides all this is a charming place where you can come to celebrate your wedding. If you want your wedding to be different and you want to celebrate your wedding in a rural house, at Finca El Pocico we celebrate all [...]

Before and after at Finca El Pocico

Today we show you an image that is worth a thousand words, it is an image with the photos of our Finca El Pocico before rehabilitating it and after rehabilitating it. After much effort and effort we managed to make our dream come true. We invite you to come and discover more about the history of our farm and to [...]